A new level of electronic design automation, design flow manager : a software tool implemented using the object-oriented development methodology

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Kobylinski, Krzysztof Rafal
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This dissertation focuses on the issues related to Electronic Design Automation and Object-Oriented software development methodology. Based on the example of a PCB Design and Analysis Flow, it shows the benefits of introducing executable design flows which capture all the steps and data communication aspects of design processes. Design flows provide a means mapping between the theoretical design steps and the CAD tools which provide the functionality to fulfill the step tasks. The implication of the proven usability of the design flows leads to the concept of a Design Flow Manager. The Design Flow Manager is a software product which enables organizing design flows into flow libraries and provides a means of searching the libraries for the design flow meeting to the highest extent the requirements of the design process. The object-oriented software design process of the Design Flow Manager is presented with all its steps and deliverables. The Design Flow Manager is currently being investigated at the Micro-electronics and Systems Software Laboratory in the Department of Computer and Electrical Engineering at the University of Manitoba.