Antioxidant properties of alkaline extracts from insoluble and soluble dietary fibre derived from selected whole-grain cereals

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Guo, Weiwei
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The extraction yields of insoluble dietary fibre (IDF) and soluble dietary fibre (SDF) from seven whole-grain cereals (WG) ranged from 11.73% to 23.71% and 2.28% to 5.15%, respectively. Eight monomeric phenolic acids and four diferulic acids were identified and quantified in cereal alkaline extracts by reversed phase high performance liquid chromatography coupled with quadrupole - time of flight mass spectrometry. IDF alkaline extracts had significantly (p < 0.05) higher levels of total phenolic content (TPC) and DPPH radical scavenging activity than WG and SDF extracts. Corn IDF (C-IDF) extracts exhibited the highest TPC and DPPH, followed by red rice. MTT cell viability assay indicated that 2,2'-azobis (2-amidinopropane) dihydrochloride (AAPH) or xanthine-xanthine oxidase (X-XO) induced cell loss can be effectively reduced by pre-incubating Caco-2BBe or FHs 74 Int cells with certain levels of C-IDF extracts. This effect was speculated to be associated with the antioxidant activity of C-IDF linked phenolic compounds.
whole-grain cereals, insoluble dietary fibre, soluble dietary fibre, alkaline extracts, antioxidant activity