A study of the reform process to provide an inclusive model of service delivery within a Manitoba middle years school

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Mitchell, Tammy
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Several current social agendas in the province of Manitoba are impacting the demographics in our classrooms. Recent changes to the Public Schools Act, the Educational Administration Act, an aggressive immigration initiative and a trend for movement from rural to urban settings have contributed to classrooms where the learning and behaving needs of students are diverse, their motivations to learn are different and they have varied areas of strength and weakness. In order to meet these new challenges and to provide educational programming that reflects the needs of our global society, schools need to change the way they are delivering service to students in schools. This study used qualitative research methods to examine the conditions that facilitate building an inclusive middle school in Manitoba. Data from both focus group interviews and a document study yielded multiple themes under the headings of actions, culture and strategies. A historical scan of the school’s reform process highlighting the changes in beliefs, leadership, structures and processes over time resulted from the data analysis. Collectively, the findings identify the specific steps the school took to move to inclusion. The information contained in this study will provide a path to help educators move to creating inclusive school environments where all students feel a sense of belonging and fulfillment from their educational experiences.
inclusion, service delivery