vACcine COnfidence amongst those living with alleRgy during the COVID pandemic (ACCORD): a scoping review protocol

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Golding, Michael A.
Askin, Nicole
Batac, Ayel L. R.
Merrill, Kaitlyn A.
Abrams, Elissa M.
Bégin, Philippe
Ben-Shoshan, Moshe
Ladouceur, Erika
Roos, Leslie E.
Protudjer, Vladan
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Abstract Background Reports of allergic reactions to the COVID-19 vaccines have been documented, which may also contribute to hesitancy. Despite the low likelihood that the COVID-19 vaccine will trigger an allergic reaction, we and others have reported that families with allergy remain vaccine hesitant due to concerns of COVID-19-vaccine-triggered anaphylaxis. Objective To present our scoping review protocol, that will inform a forthcoming living scoping review in which we will investigate the peer-reviewed and grey literature on COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy and allergic disease and/or allergic reactions following a COVID-19 vaccine. Methods Informed by Arksey and O’Malley framework for methodological review, we have developed a search strategy with content and methodological experts, and which has undergone Peer Review of Electronic Search Strategies review. A search of four scientific databases, as well as gray literature, will be performed without restriction to articles by type of COVID-19 vaccine, or country of study, and will include publications in the ten languages our team can handle. Bi-monthly search alerts based on the search strategy will be generated. Results The first search will result in a stand alone peer reviewed scoping review. Bi-monthly updates will be posted on a pre-print server. Depending on the volume of literature, these updates will be synthesized and submitted for peer-review at 6 and/or 12 months. Conclusion COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy amongst individuals with allergy persists, despite very low risk of serious adverse reactions. Our living scoping review, which includes multiple forms of knowledge translation, will be a rigorous way to address hesitancy.
Allergy, Asthma & Clinical Immunology. 2022 Sep 18;18(1):83