A study of the satisfactions and dissatisfactions with living arrangements of a group of members of senior citizen clubs in metropolitan Winnipeg

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Leyden, Donald F.
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The aim of this study is to examine the relationship of the aged parent to his adult children in terms of satisfaction or dissatisfaction with living arrangements (living apart and living together). This was related to independence from adult children and communication with them. Of a sample group, 100 senior citizens from twelve senior citizen's clubs in Metropolitan Winnipeg were interviewed, and the data obtained in these interviews was analyzed. The conclusions indicated that the ideal situation is to live together with independence, but, that those aged persons living apart expressed a higher degree of independence and hence of satisfaction with living arrangements than those living together. It was found further that independence and communication were more significant factors in determining satisfactions than living apart or living together. However, since a much greater number of those living apart were independent, it was concluded that the preferred pattern is living apart.