The private ornamental gardens at Rideau Hall, an investigation into the historical development and recommendations for the main terrace

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Singh, Andrea
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This practicum focuses on The Main Terrace within the Private Ornamental Gardens at Rideau Hall, the Governor General private domain in Ottawa, Canada. This area of study has been selected, as it has historically been the most heavily altered area within the Private Ornamental Gardens. The objective of the practicum is to research the chronological evolution of the site; to understand the present conditions in order to obtain an accurate sense of the needs, constraints and opportunity of the private grounds of Rideau Hall. The final recommendations will employ an historic landscape conservation approach: the determination of historic value that will assist in the re-design for the Main Terraces within the Private Ornamental Gardens. The re-design solution for the Main Terrace will also address the present operational requirements. This practicum offers an enormous opportunity to develop an historic landscape conservation plan for the Main Terrace which will incorporate an understanding of the estate's rich heritage and the present concerns, while planning for the future. (Abstract shortened by UMI.)