A client focused abortion health centre: creating a sense of comfort and security through the built environment

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Boboski, Kara
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Despite political advancements surrounded by abortion rights, issues of comfort and anxiety within abortion provider facilities still remain. Those who undergo an abortion may be faced with difficult situations that can place them in a vulnerable and emotional position. The intent of this practicum was to highlight the issues faced by both clients, and healthcare providers involved with abortion provider facilities, and address these challenges through design interventions. This practicum took into account issues of safety, comfort, and anxiety through a combination of theoretical literature, design precedents, and programming. Concepts that informed this practicum include supportive design theory and positive distractions explored by theorist Roger Ulrich, environmental comfort, and security techniques. This design practicum proposes a client-focused abortion health centre for the city of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, aiming to support the emotional and physical well-being of the users in the facility.
Abortion, Health Care, Abortion Clinic, Women's Health, Winnipeg, Canada, Manitoba