Soil temperature and moisture of conventional and zero tilled soils in Manitoba

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Gauer, Lillian Elaine
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Soil temperature and moisture were investigated under conventional and zero tilled soils in Manitoba. The soil types included a heavy clay, a clay loam, and a sandy loam. In conjunction with the tillage treatments, three straw management practices were imposed to determine if they could affect soil temperature or moisture in relation to tillage. Tillage and straw management were found to have compounded effects. When the straw was spread on the surface, zero tilled soils were found to be cooler than those conventionally tilled. The opposite was true at seeding time when the straw was removed by raking. No significant differences in temperature occurred after the straw had been burned. Soil moisture was higher under zero tillage than under conventional especially when the straw was spread, as well as when the straw was removed by raking. After burning, no significant differences in moisture occurred between conventional and zero tillage...