Evaluating the effects of feedback type in a computer-managed learning program

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Hunter, Lisa
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Computer-Aided Personalized System of Instruction (CAPSI) is an online instructional system that can be used for teaching and training individuals in a variety of skills and behaviours. It has been found to be beneficial for teaching both declarative and procedural knowledge. Given the usefulness of CAPSI the following question arises: how can CAPSI be made more effective? The present research evaluated whether different types of feedback differentially affect declarative and procedural learning while training a behavioural assessment procedure called a functional analysis (FA). Each of eight university students were presented with each type of feedback, alternated within each FA-training condition, in a multi-element reversal treatments design. The study evaluated and compared textual feedback of two interventions. Intervention A was Elaborative Knowledge of Results (i.e., an explanation of why the answer was correct) and Intervention B was Simple Knowledge of Results (i.e., “correct”). Results demonstrated benefits of both types of intervention. Declarative knowledge written test results demonstrated that Elaborative Knowledge of Results yielded slightly higher test scores when presented as the first intervention, but not when presented as the second intervention. Procedural knowledge demonstrated no large differences in procedural accuracy of implementing an FA; however, Simple Knowledge of Results feedback procedural accuracy results were slightly higher for the Alone, Control and Demand condition. The small sample size precluded the use of inferential statistics; however, visual analysis revealed individual differences that would likely not be found using statistics.
CAPSI, online learning, computer-managed learning, computer-aided learning, feedback, procedural and declarative knowledge, functional analysis training, e-learning
Hunter, L (2021) Evaluating the Effects of Feedback Type in a Computer-Managed Learning Program [Unpublished doctoral dissertation]. University of Manitoba