An investigation into the opinions of Manitoba public school principals toward the instructional physical education program

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Poulton, Gordon C.
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The purpose of this study was to investigate the opinion of principals toward the physical education instructional program. A modified Wear Attitude Inventory (Wear, 1951) was the survey instrument used to measure an individual's over-all opinion toward physical education, and his or her opinion toward the General, Physical, Emotional and Social outcomes associated with physical education. Composite scores for the thirty-nine statements in the survey were calculated along with sub-scores for the categories related to the outcomes or objectives of physical education. Subjects for the study were principals of public schools in the Province of Manitoba. The response rate from the 677 principals who received the survey was 59 percent. Principals' opinions were compared using the variables, gender, school location, school level, personal activity level, physical education degree and Quality Daily Physical Education Award winners. Analysis showed that on composite scores principals have a highly favorable over-all opinion toward physical education. The analysis of variance and t-test procedures found that principals who work in schools that house a combination of grades that include Early Years to Middle Years, have a higher opinion toward the emotional outcomes of physical education. Principals who have a degree in Physical Education or their school has received a QDPE Award, have a very favorable opinion toward physical education.