Dental, Skeletal and Growth Effects of Malocclusions Treated with the van Beek Headgear Activator and Comprehensive Fixed Orthodontic Appliances

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Kotyk, Matthew W.
Wiltshire, William A.
Drummond, Robert J.
Pesun, Igor J.
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The purpose of this study was to retrospectively assess the long term dental and skeletal treatment and growth changes in growing patients with Class II malocclusions treated with the van Beek Headgear Activator (vBHGA) appliance followed by comprehensive fixed orthodontic appliance treatment. A retrospective chart review was undertaken on 40 consecutively treated subjects who were then compared to matched growing untreated control subjects from the Burlington Growth Study and growth forecast simulations. Lateral cephalometric radiographs were used to determine dental, skeletal and growth changes between each treatment phase. Phase 1 vBHGA appliance treatment produced skeletal and dental Class II correction via restraint of maxillary anterior growth, increased mandibular anterior growth, counter clockwise palatal plane rotation, retroclination and retraction of the upper incisors, and proclination and protrusion of the lower incisors resulting in reduced overjet and overbite. The favourable skeletal and dental changes from vBHGA treatment were maintained after the completion of the second treatment phase. The vBHGA appliance was effective in correcting Class II malocclusions by producing favourable skeletal and dental treatment effects in both jaws that were maintained after the completion of phase 2 treatment, in stark contrast to published randomized clinical trials. Success with the vBHGA and potentially other growth modification appliances could be related to patient compliance, timing of the individual’s growth spurt, length of phase 1 treatment, and continued orthopedic retention between the first and second phases of treatment.
van Beek Headgear Activator, vBHGA, Class II, Functional appliance, Growth modification, Growth prediction