Effects of “foods for health” portfolio of functional food products on lipid management in individuals unwilling to use statin therapy

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Soumya, Alias
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The objective of this study was to examine the effect of a range of proprietary products containing a portfolio of bioactives (5 g fiber, 1000 mg alpha-linolenic acid, 1000 mg phytosterols and 1800 μmol antioxidants per serving), on cholesterol levels, in statin reluctant participants. A dual-center, randomized, double-blind, free-living cross-over study composed of 2 phases of 4 weeks each, separated by a 4 week washout, was conducted. Participants (n=54) consumed two servings per day from an assortment of products including oatmeal, pancakes, bars, sprinkles, and smoothies. Control products were market drawn like-items. Lipid profile, glucose, insulin and high sensitivity C-reactive protein concentrations were analyzed at baseline and endpoint of both phases. After consumption of study foods, in comparison to control foods, there were significant reductions in total cholesterol (5.08±8.24% or -0.28±0.47 mmol/l) and LDL-C levels (8.80±12.5% or -0.29±0.39 mmol/l) observed at endpoint. There were no significant changes in any other outcome.
Cardiovascular, phytosterol, fiber, Alpha linolenic acid