A study of the micronutrient status and requirements for crop production on some Manitoba organic soils

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Gusta, Lawrence V.
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Field experiments were carried out for two years on organic soils to determine if certain micronutrient varients were in sufficient supply for field and vegetable crop production. Micronutrient elements under study were manganese, boron, copper and zinc. Application of copper alone or in combination with other micronutrients resulted in a significant response in yield of carrots, onion and wheat crops. Application of 0.5 pounds of copper per acre at one location produced yields as high as those where higher rates of copper were used. Copper rates for optimum crop yield were not studied at other locations. In a greenhouse experiment, using spinach as a test crop, a significant yield increase due to copper fertilization was obtained on three of the nine organic soils studied. After application of 200 pounds per acre of sodium chloride gave a significant yield increase to sugar beets and appeared to have a beneficial effect on frost tolerance. Potassium applied at a rate of 50 pounds per acre to wheat significantly reduced yields.