Representing the invisibles of landscape: considering an alternative approach to how a designer looks at, analyzes and reads a site

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Li, Mengyi
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I aim to approach an alternative approach to looking, analyzing and reading a site, and discover a way to approach the representation of landscape, specifically the Red River Floodway, through the investigation of different landscape design stages that I identified: from site visit, to site research, to site design. In the practicum, I will not focus on describing the positive or negative aspects of my own representations, but I will write summaries of the discovery process in each design stage, and indicate the essences of representations for each design stage, while trying to define the meaning of this process. By doing so, the discovery process itself may contribute to landscape communication such as an understanding of places, people, and design process and add knowledge to my own thoughts on how to define the essence of landscapes and landscape representations. To examine the meaning of each design stage may suggest a different way of looking at landscape design and also landscape designers.
Landscape design