Application of an ecological goods and services model in the Whitewater Lake sub-watershed: an analysis of options and landowner attitudes

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Woltman, Stephanie
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The policy framework for ecological goods and services (EGS) programming continues to evolve across Canada. In the context of the Whitewater Lake sub-watershed, the role of EGS programming has emerged as a response to rising water levels. While conservation programming has been delivered in the area to manage the effects of agricultural production, traditional approaches have not alleviated the loss of water retention. The purpose of this research was to obtain from the public, their views on EGS programming, their land management decisions and their perception on current programming in the area. Participants also described their experiences of a changing watershed, including the human and regional dynamic that have shifted as a result. The study highlighted a number of constraints associated with programming implementation. However, a recognizable interest in EGS programming over traditional conservation programming was presented.
Ecological goods and services, Conservation programming, Conservation district, Wetland, Water storage, Whitewater Lake