Functional calculus with applications to Tadmor-Ritt operators

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Juncu, Stefan Gheorghe
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One can give various rigorous definitions to the notion of "functional calculus", but a functional calculus is ultimately just a mathematically meaningful way of talking about an operator f(T), where, T is an operator and f is a function. This thesis is concerned with this concept and with one of its applications, the finding of bounds for powers of operators. It is actually this very application that has prompted the entire investigation presented here. This application is relevant to various fields, such as the numerical analysis of PDE and Markov chains. Chapter I presents various abstract approaches to the notion of "functional calculus" that are given content by three major examples: the Riesz-Dunford functional calculus, the Weyl functional calculus and the functional calculus for sectorial operators. Chapter II investigates various conditions that ensure power boundedness for operators, putting the Tadmor-Ritt condition at its center. The Riesz-Dunford calculus is instrumental for the proofs in this chapter. Chapter III investigates Pascale Vitse's use of Cauchy-Stieltjes integrals and their multipliers for obtaining bounds on powers of operators; the chapter closes with an investigation of partially power bounded operators.
functional calculus, operator theory