Analysis and Design of a New Generation GFRP Wind Turbine Tower

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Hasan, Md Sofiq
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The focus of the research program is to analysis and design of a new generation glass-fibre reinforced polymer (GFRP) wind turbine tower for full scale prototype testing. The study includes the finite element analyses of different tower section configurations, the parametrical study of different variables, the selection of appropriate configuration and dimensions, and the finalization of the section. The design section arrived from this study has the bottom outer diameter of 1350 mm, the top outer diameter of 800 mm, the constant inner diameter of 600 mm and uniform wall thickness of 11.25 mm. The tower is also analysed and compared with a steel tapered tower. The analysis results indicate that the tower is considered as a soft-soft tower and that, in general, the lateral deflection limitation is a governing factor in the design of GFRP wind turbine tower. The proposed section met all the design requirements and the fabrication drawings are provided for the further study of full scale test.
wind turbine, GFRP