Student perspectives of choice in high school physical education

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Janzic, Michelle
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Physical activity is important for youth. A phenomenological approach was used to investigate students’ experiences with a physical education program that provided choice. The following questions were investigated: • How do students experience PE programs that provide choice? • What are students’ perspectives about PE/PA at school and outside of school? Many students experienced positive relationships in PE with their peers and PE teachers, which resulted in a sense of belonging. The findings also revealed the importance of student voice in PE and students appreciating authentic choice. In addition, students’ were motivated to participate in physical activities because of the general wellness benefits. Yet, students shared that there were barriers that prevented their engagement in physical activities. Gaining a greater understanding of what they experienced in this type of PE program can impact educators’ future decisions pertaining to curriculum and how best to support students in PE programs to live active lifestyles.
Authentic choice, Phenomenology, physical education