Myth, money, men and real estate : the early years of Tuxedo, Manitoba, 1903-1929

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Pask, James Stephen
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This thesis presents the development of the Winnipeg suburb of Tuxedo during the years of 1903-1929. Tuxedo began as one real estate development among many that occurred during the boom Winnipeg experienced prior to World War I. Tuxedo, however, differed from other suburban subdivisions in several respects. In the first place, it was intended by its developers to become the prime residential area of Winnipeg. As such, it was to be totally residential, elegantly laid-out and tightly-controlled. A second difference is that Tuxedo became self-controlling when it was incorporated as a town in 1913. The incorporation of Tuxedo gave it a life and story of its own,as the town painfully developed through years of slow growth durinq World War I and the l920s. This thesis then is primarily concerned with the circumstances and ideals behind Tuxedo's foundinq and the political and economic dealing of the town's first years. The one constant throughout this period was the hand of the real estate developers, who conceived the idea, manaqed to incorporate the town and then tried to achieve their developmental goals through sitting on the council. This, then, is the early local history of Tuxedo, exposinq the town's individuality, while asking if it has a commonness with other elite residential districts in other Canadian cities.