Psychological acculturation, workplace support, and perceived work satisfaction among Filipino educated registered nurses in Manitoba

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Dennehy, Susan
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Filipino internationally educated nurses (IENs) constitute a major portion of the IENs in Manitoba and Canada. Acculturating to Canada can be difficult and can affect job satisfaction and retention. The focus of this research is on Filipino IENs’ acculturation to Canada, sources of workplace support and perceived job satisfaction. Berry’s (1997) acculturation framework guided the study. A cross-sectional descriptive-correlational method was used. An on-line survey resulted in a study sample of 124 participants. Quantitative and qualitative analysis techniques were used to determine relationships among the variables and to identify recommendations to assist other IENs. Job satisfaction was positively associated with one dimension of acculturation and informal sources of workplace support by immigrants and Canadian co-workers, administration, and the union. When these independent variables were entered into a multiple regression model, only administration support significantly predicted job satisfaction. Implications for nursing practice, leadership and research are discussed.
Internationally Educated Nurses, Acculturation, workplace support, job satisfaction, Canada