A geographical study of farm depopulation in the Municipality of Eriksdale

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Guertin, Edward Gabriel
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The relatively recent shift in the location of people from the rural areas to the urban areas has created a serious problem due to the inability of many urban areas to absorb the mass influx of people. Because of this, unemployment as well as school overcrowding has taken place in several urban centers across Western Canada. This thesis is an attempt to explain for a specific area in Manitoba the reasons for the migration of farm population with emphasis on occupation and destination. The majority of the data gathered for this study was obtained, during the summers of 1962 and 1963 while the author was employed by the Geography Department, University of Manitoba, as a member of a field crew under the direction of Dr. T. R. Weir. The field work undertaken was part of an extensive survey of farm depopulation in the Interlake Area for the Provincial Government under the Agricultural Rehabilitation Development Act (ARDA). The results of this survey are available from the Manitoba Department of Agriculture in an unpublished report entitled "Rural Population Change, Interlake, 1941-1961" by Dr. T. R. Weir.