The closure of Brandon Mental Health Centre: a case study and ten-year follow-up of individuals discharged from 1990-1998

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Carr, Rachel
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During the last 50 years, there has been a transfer of care for individuals living with mental disorders from predominately institutional settings to predominately community settings. The purpose of this research was to document the closure of Brandon Mental Health Centre (BMHC) and to look at long-term outcomes for discharged individuals. These objectives were met by interviewing key people involved in the closure and through analysis of administrative data. To support individuals after BMHC closed, new services were developed in four priority areas: adult inpatient and crisis response services, adult rehabilitation and consumer support services, psychogeriatric services, and child and adolescent services. Visits to a general practitioner for a mental disorder by individuals discharged from BMHC decreased significantly over the follow-up period while visits to a psychiatrist increased significantly. Mortality rates, physician visits, and hospital admissions were higher in former BMHC residents than in a matched cohort.
Brandon Mental Health Centre, Deinstitutionalization, Community mental health