Effect of yellow whole and split pea flours with different particle sizes on bread quality and antioxidant activity in pan breads

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Davies-Hoes, Lisa
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AACC International Inc.
Studies have examined nutritional improvements with additions of pea fibre and protein in wheat leavened breads. This study examined 10, 15, 20 and 25% additions of yellow whole and split pea flour with various particle sizes to a Canadian Wheat Red Spring (CWRS) and a commercial wheat flour pan bread using the Canadian Short Process bake method. The objective was to evaluate both yellow pea flour additions and determine optimal substitution levels. A dilution of wheat protein occurred which lowered the amount of gluten available to form a network, thus, causing poor gas retention. Crumb firmness and cell density increased while the whiteness of the crumb grain decreased with increased levels of yellow whole and split pea flour. An evaluation of the phenolic content and antioxidant activity of the flour materials and composite bread samples was also conducted, and bread baking altered the antioxidant power to different extents in the bread samples.
Dough rheology, Yellow Pea, Dietary fibre, Composite flour, Bread quality, Bread staling, Thermal analysis, DSC, RVA, Antioxidant activity, Phenolics, Particle size, BHT