An analysis of results of standardized psychological and achievement tests of the ninth and tenth grade Manitoba pupils for the years 1947, 1948 and 1949

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Ewanchuk, Michael,
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The pupils in the Province of Manitoba receive their high school education in various types of schools: Collegiate Institutes, Collegiate Departments, Two-Room High Schools, One-Room High Schools, Continuation Schools and Junior High Schools. Collegiate Institutes are organized in many parts of Manitoba. This type of school employs four teachers or more who hold university degrees and may teach Grades IX to XI or Grades IX to XII. Collegiate Departments are similar to Collegiate Institutes except that in the former three teachers may be employed to teach Grades IX to XI or Grades IX to XII. Next in order comes the Two-Room High Schools where two teachers are employed to teach three or four Grades, IX to XI or XII and the principal is required to be a university graduate and hold a principal's certificate for a Two-Room High School or higher. The assistant must hold at least a First Class A certificate. In the One-Room, High Grades IX to XI may be taught and the teacher in charge must hold at least a First Class B certificate and a principal's certificate for a One-Room High School. In addition to these types, Continuation High Schools may be found in many rural points where Grades VII to XI may be taught in the same room and the teacher qualifications are the same as those for a One-Room High School. Where the enrolment in a One-Room rural school is low and the teacher has the necessary qualifications, instruction in Grade IX work may be given. Pupils in remote parts of the Province and in areas where they are unable to receive regular classroom instruction, may receive their education in Grade IX and X subjects under the direction of the Correspondence Branch of the Department of Education. Another type of school organization found in the city and a few small town systems is the Junior High School. In this type Grades VII, VIII and IX are taught and the school is recognized as a Junior High School when there are at least three teachers or more employed for the teaching of these Grades...