Guerrilla interventions: questioning the use of unoccupied space

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Zaborniak, Onilee
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This interior design practicum explores alternative options for itinerant living in the twenty-first century with concern as to how unoccupied space is used more efficiently through questioning the way an individual identifies, inhabits and transforms unoccupied space into meaningful place. The designed solution emerges through case study research, photographic analysis and supportive space and place related theories as the guerrilla intervention of an adaptable, mobile interior unit. This micro dwelling challenges typical urban lifestyles and demonstrates that for individuals to form genuine connection and dependence on place, place must continuously reflect its occupant. This understanding of place and its subcomponents leads to a greater knowledge of user needs when designing alternative housing options within an increasingly itinerant society. Utilizing mixed methodologies and studying a 1:1 prototype, this practicum reveals an extended understanding of the potential unoccupied urban infrastructure has in providing rich environments to house temporal, versatile places to dwell and call home.
Interior Design, Guerrilla, Itinerant, Authentic Place, Placemaking, Anti-squatting, Amsterdam, Micro Dwelling