Lake Winnipeg South Basin Sensitive Habitat Inventory and Mapping (SHIM) 2011-2012

The Citizens Report is Section A of the 2011-2012 Lake Winnipeg SHIM project report. Section B of the 2011-2012 SHIM report includes: The Foreshore Inventory Mapping report, and the Shoreline Habitat Inventory Mapping report. The Ecological Habitat Index for the SHIM fieldwork data analysis is included here also. The Lake Winnipeg South Basin Shoreline Segments 2011 Sensitive Habitat Inventory and Mapping Project (SHIM) Reports; • Foreshore Inventory Mapping, • Ecological Habitat Index Ranking, • An Overview of Fish and Fish Habitat in the Littoral Zone of the Lake Winnipeg South Basin, • Survey of Avian and Vegetation Communities in the Littoral and Riparian Zones of the Lake Winnipeg South Basin, were written by SHIM team members, based on the field observations and data collections and are also part of Section B. Section C is the Recommendations arising from this first demonstration SHIM project for a Manitoba Lake. A preface written by Alex Salki, project lead for the Lake Winnipeg Foundation describes the project. Section D includes the References and Sources, and all other appendices, and attachments. There are two Acknowledgements listings: in the Citizens Report, and at the beginning of the SHIM report. Each section of the SHIM 2011-2012 report begins with a cover page that lists the contents for that section.
Part 3, Section 1 written by L.C.M. Ross and P.K. Rose, Native Plant Solutions - Ducks Unlimited Canada
Lake Winnipeg, Sensitive Habitat Mapping, Mapping, South Basin