Power and Violence: Disposability in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

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Dean, Calum
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Since 1967, Israeli settlements in the West Bank have plagued the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and caused human rights and humanitarian issues for Palestinians. Despite calls from the international community to halt settlement development, Israel resists and continues to expand and populate settlements, threatening to annex them as Israeli state territory. This exploratory research into the issue of Israeli settlements brings to the forefront issues related to power, structural violence, and death, and explicates the concept of disposability within PACS. Disposability infers a relation between sovereign power and the ability to use or dispose of certain populations at ones’ discretion, reducing life to a state of essential nonbeing. By explicating disposability within PACS, the operations of power relations as well as power’s connection with violence and death within conflict can be further explored. This research is concerned with bringing to light these processes within the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and in particular the issue of Israeli settlements.
Peace and conflict studies, Israel, Palestine, Disposability, Power, Precariousness,