The Koza Centre - an alternative to the custody of federally sentenced women in Canada

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Prouse, Stephanie
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This practicum explores potential for a new prison typology for federally sentenced women within Canada. The Koza Centre is an alternative to designs and practices currently in place that have the potential to create barriers to successful rehabilitation and reintegration. The primary intention of this work is to understand the issues and needs that are shared by many women who have come into conflict with the law and respond with an appropriate design. The methodology for this includes a brief history of women’s imprisonment in Canada and current political contexts, an analytical framework focused on overall well-being, and precedent studies. From this, programming and strategies have been developed that inform an evidence-based design. The result is a design focused on rehabilitation through the building of healthy relationships, ties to the community, programming that fosters successful reintegration, and supportive interior design that facilitates the well-being of those within the space.
Interior design, Evidence-based design, Women in prison, Penal reform, Well-being, Supportive design, Women's studies, Canadian penal system, Prison design, Penitentiary design, Rehabilitation, Reintegration