HPP lattice-gas automata for computational electromagnetics

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Cule, Dino
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A Lattice-Gas Automaton (LGA) is an unconditionally stable discrete system in which particles with a small and finite number of states move about on a regular lattice. The dynamics of this system are governed by a reversible and deterministic rule which is applied to the entire system simultaneously. An LGA is a discreet approximation to molecular dynamics. This study was partially motivated by the possibility of exploiting alternative computer architectures. Using a two-dimensional HPP-LGA model, electromagnetic fields in homogeneous and inhomogeneous media have been simulated on a special-purpose computing device, referred to as a Cellular Automata Machine (CAM-8). The quantitative analysis of an HPP-LGA absorbing boundary condition is presented. Quantitative numerical results for scattering of electric fields from various homogeneous and inhomogeneous regions are provided. For most simulations, comparisons with the Symmetric-Condensed Transmission-Line method (TLM) or analytical solutions are provided. An example of the possible application of HPP-LGA to the analysis of electromagnetic wave interaction with biological media is submitted.