Walk with me: sharing space along the path

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Cormier, Shannon
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This qualitative participatory action-based re-search explores Indigenous and non- Indigenous women’s learning practice within grassroots community groups in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Privileging Indigenous women’s perspectives and guided by a Community Advisory Group of Indigenous Women, this study invited both Indigenous and non- Indigenous allies to participate in a dialogue and knowledge sharing. The narratives are based on the fundamental experience of being involved with Indigenous-women lead movements through community work grounded in cultural perspective and experience in comparison to mainstream movements that typically perpetuate a colonial agenda. Their knowledge and stories of lived experiences revealed key elements and strategies that generated seven key guide tips that provide insight for non-Indigenous Peoples interested and ready to share space along the path with Indigenous communities in ways that will best support relationships needed to create a new future. The seven guide tips are: relationships matter, power and perspective, words matter, get comfortable being uncomfortable, finding common ground, the gifts of conflict, and commitment to reflection, ongoing development and learning.
Collaborative relationships, Building Alliances, Indigenous and non-Indigenous relations