Estimating annual average daily traffic (AADT) from short-duration counts in towns

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Klassen-Townsend, Karalee
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Traffic volume data, commonly summarized as annual average daily traffic (AADT), is a fundamental input for transportation engineering decisions. Current traffic monitoring guidance provides insufficient detail on the development of AADT estimates from short-duration counts conducted within towns. This is due to limited knowledge of the attributes that characterize a town count and uncertainty about the temporal factors required to estimate AADT from short-duration town count data. This research addressed these gaps by using a decision algorithm and GIS analysis to identify which short-duration counts should be considered town counts and by developing and validating a methodology to estimate AADT from short-duration town count data. The analysis demonstrated that temporal factors generated from continuous counts conducted near towns could be reliably applied to short-duration town count data. This finding enables traffic monitoring authorities to leverage existing data and methods to improve the representativeness of traffic volume estimates in towns.
Urban traffic periodicities, Annual average daily traffic, Traffic monitoring, Short-duration counts, Transportation engineering