Bathymetry, substratum and emergent vegetation distributions during an extreme flood event in Delta Marsh, Manitoba

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Geard, Nola
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In 2011 Manitoba experienced an extreme flood. The operation of the Assiniboine River Diversion resulted in the addition of approximately 1.72 million cubic decameters of water to Lake Manitoba and an increase in water levels to 1.5 m above normal. Although this event resulted damage to farmland and many local homes, it also provided me the unique opportunity to utilize previously impractical methods of bathymetric and substrata distribution analysis in the adjoining Delta Marsh. Combined with satellite imagery taken in 2011 I was able to classify the vegetation classes within the study area and explore the relationship between vegetation distributions and water depth as well as those between water depth and substrata distribution. A seed bank study was carried out to explore the diversity of viable seeds in the area. In addition, satellite imagery taken in 2009 was used to evaluate the effects of the flood event experienced in 2011.
Wetland, Substratum, Bathymetry, Emergent Vegetation, Vegetation, QTC, Sonar, Quickbird, Satellite, Flood, Delta Marsh, Manitoba, Substrate, Seed Bank