Modeling, scheduling, and performance evaluation for deadlock-free flexible manufacturing cells for a dual gripper robot: a constraint programming approach

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EL Khairi, Nabil
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Deadlocks are critical events in Flexible Manufacturing Cells (FMC) that result from circular waits among a set of resources. Circular waits happen when a set of resources with finite capacity are in a permanent hold due to wait state to admit new jobs. Past literature examines the deadlock-free scheduling in FMCs considering many types of resources and techniques. This thesis proposes a new resource-oriented deadlock-free approach using a robot equipped with dual-grippers serving as a material handler in a FMC. The proposed methodology uses Constraint Programming (CP). The system performance is analyzed using different buffer configurations. Many test problems are generated to validate the developed models. The finding demonstrates that the proposed dual-gripper robot (DGR) can outperform the single-gripper robot (SGR) in many settings for FMCs. Likewise, the experience with the CP for the modeling and solving approach proposed in this research consolidates its application to FMC deadlock-free scheduling problems.
flexible manufacturing cells, deadlock-free, constraint programming, dual-gripper robots