An assessment of partnerships in flood emergency management, Red River Valley, Manitoba

dc.contributor.authorPowell Quinn, Nancyen_US Resources Instituteen_US of Natural Resources Management (M.N.R.M.)en_US
dc.description.abstractFloods are one of many natural and human-induced hazards that threaten Manitoba annually. Emergency management tasks are assumed by a variety of organizations to protect people and resources from catastrophic loss and death by undertaking preparedness, response, recovery and mitigation actions and activities. As the climate changes at an unprecedented pace, flooding and other hazards become more uncertain. In an effort to address these uncertain flood (and other) hazards facing Manitoba, a number of partnerships have formed among government, private, non-government, and community-based organizations to better address hazard and disaster issues in the province. Combining two research methods, namely, a modified Delphi technique and a multiple case study of five specific partnerships, this thesis assesses the use of institutional partnerships in a flood emergency management context in the Red River Valley, Manitoba. The objectives of this study aimed to identify and examine the types of institutional partnerships that exist, to assess partnerships using characteristics of success as performance indicators, to determine the role of interpersonal relationships and networking in successful partnerships and to provide recommendations for partnerships in emergency management. The analysis provided detailed assessments of five partnerships. The characteristics of successful partnerships indicated that four of the five partnerships assessed will likely be successful in the event of a future disaster. Partnerships with strong interpersonal relationships and networking among partners and related organizations are critical to the development and maintenance of successful partnerships. Overall, it is recommended that partnerships in emergency management continue to be cultivated and to expand partner members and linkages beyond the scope of emergency management institutions.en_US
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dc.titleAn assessment of partnerships in flood emergency management, Red River Valley, Manitobaen_US
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