Building healthy communities: an examination of winnipeg neighbourhoods

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Christopher, Gary
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Increasing criticism by a number of professional fields, including planning, indicates that there is a decline in public health because of poor urban planning practices cannot be ignored. This research examines to what extent urban planning has contributed to the current health level of citizens, and explores how development policies address the criticism that urban planners are encouraging developments with limited opportunities that promote an inactive lifestyle. The findings show policy tools currently available for planners in Winnipeg to use are inadequate to ensure that all new developments conform to the healthy communities philosophy, and despite the limited guidance from planning legislation, the community of Seven Oaks has succeeded in implementing several healthy community initiatives. These initiatives are successful because of partnerships created between agencies, communication with the public, and most importantly, the passion by the stakeholders to develop healthier living opportunities within their community…
Urban Planning, Healthy Communities, Holistic Planning, Lifestyle Diseases, Sprawl, Public Health