The ENCOURAGE project: enhancing primary care counseling and referrals to community-based physical activity opportunities for sustained lifestyle change

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Kent, David Edgar
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Approximately 85% of Canadians are physically inactive. This project seeks to support physical activity (PA) as a health intervention within primary care using innovative approaches to help people access community-based PA opportunities. We hypothesize that participants will increase and maintain their moderate to vigorous PA in 10-minute bouts (MVPA10Mins) over 10-months. One-hundred-nineteen patients recruited from two primary care facilities did not change their primary outcome of MVPA10Mins from baseline to 10-months. However, secondary outcomes light and total sporadic PA increased by the 4th month and were maintained until 10-months. Furthermore, self-report data including self-efficacy, mood, and quality of life all improved by the end of the 4-month intervention. Sedentary time increased from baseline to 4-months and was sustained until 10-months. The ENCOURAGE intervention did not increase MVPA10Mins over time. However, improvements in other secondary outcomes indicate that a multilevel intervention delivered within primary care may contribute to health behavior changes.
physical activity, health promotion, sporadic activity, primary care, health behaviour, MVPA