Evaluation of erosion rates and their impact on riverbank stability

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Jianfar, Arjan
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A research program was undertaken to quantify the effect of flow induced erosion on the stability of natural river banks along the Red River in Manitoba. The Erosion Measurement Device (EMD) was designed and built in the Geotechnical Laboratory of University of Manitoba to approximate the erosion rate profiles of soil samples from nine sites along the RedRiver. Two simulations of a natural flood event and one of the same flood with the operation of the Floodway were then used to determine the difference in the lower toe erosion and the slopes reduction of the global factor of safety. These results indicate that the operation of the Floodway does not have negative impact on the stability of river banks upstream of the Floodway inlet.
erosion, Red River, river bank, riverbank, stability, Erosion Measurement Device, EMD, Floodway, Manitoba, Winnipeg, flood, engineering, geotechnical, model, analysis, analyses, lower toe, factor of safety, measurements, laboratory, soil, clay, silt, sand, roots