Design of an automated radiator panel rotating machine : final design report

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Gagnon, Denis
Machungwa, Makumba
McKay, Brendan
Stewart, Gavin
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Micro Tool and Machine Ltd. (MTM) required our team to conceptualize and design a machine assembly process capable of moving and orientating transformer radiator cooling panels between two machine operations and in so doing expand the client’s current product line. The team’s proposed machine design is intended to address all of MTM’s design challenges. The proposed machine design consists of a steel support structure, similar to a crane, onto which purchased pre-manufactured components and drive systems are mounted. All drives are multi-axis modular systems designed to perform the required panel handling operations. The components and multi-axis modular systems are operated with the use of pneumatics, and have basic connecting and mounting assembly arrangements. All the modular drive systems proposed as part of the machine design are combined with similar interface systems. Solutions to required stroke, load and position specifications were met by selecting appropriate multi-axis drive systems. The use of modular drive systems offered numerous advantages and included the following: a simplified and time-saving design and project planning process, a rapid system assembly, a high mechanical rigidity and the availability of existing CAD drawings for standardized design. Three main pneumatic driven modular systems are proposed within the team’s design. Two linear gantries allow for horizontal and vertical translation of the panels, two actuated swivel drive systems perform the 180° panel rotations and two gripper jaws serve to secure the panels during all handling operations. All of the machine design features are detailed within this report and include the following sections:  a description and drawing of the support structure features.  all design drawings for the modular drive systems and attachments.  a description of how the machine design is intended to operate.  a strength and performance technical analysis of all components.  a description of all assembly and manufacturing principles.  a detailed cost analysis of all parts, components and structures. By evaluating costs, benefits and performances against the stated criteria, the team was able to demonstrate that MTM’s proposed design challenge could be met and while meeting all client expectations and project requirements.
design, automated, radiator, panel, rotating, machine