Effects of mitogen-activated protein kinases on nuclear protein import

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Faustino, RS
Rousseau, DC
Landry, MN
Kostenuk, AL
Pierce, GN
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ERK-2 MAP kinase activation induces inhibitory effects on nuclear protein import in vascular smooth muscle cells. The mechanism and characteristics of this effect of ERK-2 were investigated. An Unusual dose-dependent effect of ERK-2 on nuclear protein import was identified. At higher concentrations (1 mu g/mL) of ERK-2, nuclear protein import was stimulated. whereas lower concentrations (0.04 mu g/mL) inhibited import. Intermediate concentrations exerted intermediate effects. The stimulatory and inhibitory, effects at the 2 different ERK-2 concentrations were observed in both conventional. permeabilized cell assays of nuclear protein import and With in situ microinjection of smooth muscle cells. The biphasic effects of ERK-2 oil import were also found for the other 2 members of the MAPK family. p38 and JNK. Ran-GAP was identified by structural analysis as a candidate target protein responsible for mediating the effects of ERK-2. After pretreatment with high concentrations of ERK-2. RanGAP activity was significantly increased by similar to 50%. In contrast. low concentrations of ERK-2 significantly attenuated RanGAP activity. These results demonstrate that all 3 members of the MAPK family can alter nuclear protein import in opposite directions depending upon the concentration of ERK-2 Used. RanGAP represents the MAP kinase target whereby nuclear transport can be stimulated or inhibited.
mitogen activated protein kinase, nuclear protein import, cell proliferation, nucleus, cell growth, PORE COMPLEX, MAP KINASE, TRANSPORT, PHOSPHORYLATION, INHIBITION, PATHWAY, RANGAP1, RAN, NUCLEOPORINS, INVOLVEMENT
0008-4212; CAN J PHYSIOL PHARMACOL, MAR-APR 2006, vol. 84, no. 39145, p.469 to 475.