Validation of a service questionnaire tool measuring respect, culture, empowerment and outcome

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Islam, Md Jahidul
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Respect, culture, empowerment and outcomes are considered as important factors of quality health and socialservices. New Directions has developed a Service Questionnaire tool that aims to measure these factors. The current study was conducted with the aim to validate the Service Questionnaire tool. Following a mixed-method study design, this study interviewed some staff at New Directions to understand the intention and uses of Service Questionnaire. It then assessed the psychometric properties and factor structure of the different versions of the tool using the data collected from a total of 2,269 service recipients from 2012 to 2016 at New Directions. The psychometric analyses revealed that the Service Questionnaire version 12 measures three factors and version 8 measure two factors. A statistically significant association was found between different service areas and some demographic variables. Both qualitative and quantitative analysis showed that Service Questionnaire tool partially meets the intention for which it was developed and the original factorability. The study suggested a few minor refinements of Service Questionnaire.
New Directions, Validation, Respect, Culture, Empowerment, Outcome