An evaluation of the role of the supervising principals in the elementary schools in Winnipeg

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Donald, William Norval
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Because of the concept of the duties and responsibilities of the principal has changed considerably in the past two decades, and because the lay and professional people in Winnipeg who finance or are responsible for education and educational institutions take cognizance of the modern views in their administration, an investigation was directed towards an assessment of (1) the prevalance in the elementary schools in Winnipeg of modern ideas and practices affecting the role of the principal, (2) the degree of acceptance of these ideas and practices, and (3) specific evidence of their incorporation into the administrative pattern of the schools. The purpose was to determine the position of the supervising elementary principals of Winnipeg with respect to the standards recommended by recognized authorities in educational administration. A review of the current literature relating to the duties and responsibilities of school principals was made to develop a preliminary statement of the ideals set forth by professional writers. On the basis of their definitions and recommendations, data was sought out and collected to permit an evaluation of the Winnipeg principals. The study was limited to the leadership, supervisory, and administrative behaviour and practices of supervising principals of elementary schools. The comparison between the ideals that were established and the Winnipeg practices that were discovered yielded two types of conclusion. There were areas in which the Winnipeg principalship showed marked achievement and growth and areas where improvement was necessary if future development was to be unhindered. In the first category, the following merited special mention: 1. An assessment of the personal traits, the academic and professional preparation, and the success in practical work situations indicated that Winnipeg...