An analysis of factors affecting stocker calf prices in Manitoba

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Josephson, Rae Milton
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During the past decade an increased number of Western Canadian cattle producers have marketed their output as stocker calves. A large proportion of these calves have been exported to Eastern Canada and the United States, and the remainder purchased by Western Canadian farmers and cattle feeders. Although some stocker calves are marketed directly from producer to buyer, the majority have been sold on public stockyards and community auction markets. Manitoba sales outlets have different policies regarding their methods of selling stocker calves in lots; furthermore, some markets conduct special sales for specific classification of animals, while others do not provide this service for their patrons. This thesis has attempted to identify, isolate and evaluate the price effect of alternative marketing methods and, as a secondary consideration, to determine the price effect of physical characteristics which affect the prices received for stocker calves. The major findings of the study indicated that the manner in which stocker calves were presented for sale had a substantial effect upon prices received... The most important aspect of this study was the quantification of the price effect of a number of factors which can be controlled by producers and marketing personnel. This information should be useful as a guideline to production decision making, and to formulation of marketing institution selling policies.