The Churchill River centering on Pawistik : a regional study with particular emphasis on recreational land use and potentials

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Borys, Allen Ernest
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Demand for outdoor recreation is growing at a rapid rate due to an increase in population, more leisure time, and a larger part of the income available for this purpose. Other factors, including a more youthful population, greater mobility, improved and new equipment, etc., are adding to the pressures in areas formerly considered unlikely to be of recreational value. As a result of improved transportation, remote regions are gradually being reached and one can assume that the use of more distant areas will expand. For this reason it is necessary to examine the potentials of regions with physical attractions for outdoor recreation and prepare for their planned development. The purpose of this thesis is to examine the Churchill River centering on Pawistik from three points of view: 1. What is the need for recreational development and how can it be met? 2. How can the area be developed to attract foreign currency and redistribute local money? 3. How can local human resources be used to benefit both the tourist development and the resident? This research examines present land use to determine the extent to which it is providing outdoor recreation facilities and to determine whether there is an opportunity for further development... The latter part of the thesis makes specific recommendations for development of the area. It is apparent that potential is great, that demand is rising, and that the local community has a contribution to make. Proposals include the establishment of a provincial park in the area to reserve land for outdoor recreation. To provide accomodation for tourists, a lodge and a camp-ground are immediately necessary. ...