A comparative study of apprehensions of children to the care of the Children's Aid Society of Winnipeg in the calendar years of 1954 and 1959

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Baxter, R.
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This is a limited study involving a comparison of certain factors in the background of children apprehended by the Children's Aid Society in the years 1954 and 1959. The area of study involves such aspects as a general increase in the population of Greater Winnipeg, children with rural residence, children of Indian and Metis extraction, size of family, illegitimate children, children from separated families, age of child, and age of father and mother. Children apprehended in 1954 are compared to children apprehended in 1959, after relevant data was obtained from case records, and compiled on a schedule. Major findings are: Three main factors within the community as identified by our study appear to be contributing to increasing apprehensions. These are: increasing illegitimacy, increasing family breakdown, and increasing apprehensions of children from families who might be termed "newcomers" to our society.