Vehicle activity data for emissions modelling in urban areas of the Canadian Prairie Region

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Patmore, Keenan Scott
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This research develops and applies a methodology to calculate vehicle activity inputs for modelling of emissions from on-road vehicles using traffic count data. The thesis: (1) provides an understanding of emissions modelling in Canada and the U.S. and discusses the traffic activity data inputs required by vehicle emissions modelling software; (2) develops a methodology to collect and prepare vehicle activity data for an urban centre and applies this methodology by estimating vehicle activity for Winnipeg and Saskatoon; and (3) estimates vehicle emissions and then compares the sensitivity of estimating emissions using locally developed vehicle activity to estimating emissions using default vehicle activity. The methodology this research develops and applies to Winnipeg and Saskatoon is applicable to any jurisdiction in need of developing their own vehicle activity inputs for emissions modelling. The emissions estimates calculated using these different inputs emphasizes the importance of obtaining jurisdiction-specific input values for emissions modelling.
vehicle activity inputs, emissions modelling, traffic counts, MOBILE6.2