A reliable system for monitoring truck movements and characteristics in Manitoba

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Ostroman, Angela E.
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Reliable truck data and information is required to perform several transportation-related engineering functions in Manitoba. Truck data requirements can only be met through the development and implementation of a reliable truck monitoring system that is based on the specific types of data required to fulfill user needs, fundamental principles governing data quality, and efficient data collection methods. The existing truck monitoring system in Manitoba does not meet all user requirements, particularly with regards to truck volume, classification, and weights. The recommended system includes initial placement of up to 54 permanent vehicle classification stations operating continuously to obtain truck volume and classification data, with future implementation of electronic weight sensors to obtain truck weight data. The available low-cost WIM technology does not yet achieve recommended reliability levels to proceed with wide-scale equipment acquisition. The recommended sampling program is intended to provide system-wide estimates and monitor historic trends for those engineering functions requiring general truck information. The sampling program should not be implemented until electronic equipment can be acquired to monitor sampling sites for continuous 48-hour periods. The monitoring system should be re-evaluated periodically to ensure that it continues to efficiently provide required information at recommended reliability levels.