A quantitative study of the geomorphology of the Wilson Creek watershed, Manitoba

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MacKay, George Hugh
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This thesis, which fulfills part of the requirements for a degree of M. Sc. at the University of Manitoba, presents the results of a study into some aspects of the geomorphology of the Wilson Creek Experimental Watershed. Data that has been gathered in the watershed over the past decade has been studied to determine rates of erosion in the escarpmental portion of the watershed and rates of deposition in the Wilson Creek Delta. Studies based on sediment transport data were made to determine the average annual rate of sediment transport over the past ten years which includes the influence of a headwater detention basin. Studies were also made to determine the effect of the headwater reservoir in reducing the average annual sediment discharge. The annual cost of headwater storage in the Wilson Creek Experimental Watershed was determined and compared to the reduced annual maintenance costs in the artificial drain through the Wilson Creek Delta. It was found that headwater storage cannot be justified on sediment discharge reduction alone. However, evidence indicates that reduction in flood damage accruing to such storage is probably significant and warrants further study.