The episcopate of the Right Reverend David Anderson, D.D., first Lord Bishop of Rupert's Land, 1849-1864

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Wilkinson, Maurice Pickard
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The same year which saw brave men die at Seven Oaks in one of the bloodiest incidents of the fur war, marked the birth of the man who was to become the first Lord Bishop of the new Church of England Diocese of Rupert's Land some thirty-five years later. Dr. David Anderson was born on February 10th, 1814 at Hans Place, London, England. Educated at Edinburgh Academy, Scotland, and Exeter College, Oxford, he was ordained deacon in 1837 in the stronghold of Evangelicalism at Clapham, Surrey, England. A year later the same Bishop, John Bird Sumner of the Diocese of Chester, ordained him as priest in Durham Cathedral. Throughout his various appointments, from 1837 to 1849, a close personal friendship grew up between the brilliant young curate and his first Diocesan. Bishop Sumner became Primate in 1848 and when he was asked to select a Bishop for the new Diocese of Rupert's Land, which was about to be created, it was not surprising that he should think of his young Evangelical friend...