Exploring the experiences of adult mentors in the Rec and Read mentorship program

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Zhou, Guanpeng
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The purpose of this research was to explore the multiple meanings of the experiences of mentoring for adult mentors in the Aboriginal (Indigenous) Youth Mentorship Program for All Nations (Rec and Read). The study used an interpretive qualitative inquiry to investigate the experiences of adult mentors in Rec and Read. The Indigenous and non-Indigenous, male and female participants constituting seven adult mentors all over the age of 18, took part in this case study. I conducted a semi-structured focus group and individual interviews with participants. After transcribing and analyzing the data, the two emerging themes and six sub-themes were shared with participants to seek their feedback. The emerging themes inform our understanding of how the Indigenous approaches within Rec and Read are experienced within the circular mentor model. Research findings were generated to inform the research literature on intercultural leadership development and Indigenous approaches to mentoring.
Intercultural study, Intercultural mentorship program, Indigenous approaches to mentoring, Interpretive case study, Wholistic health and wellness