The Travelling New Media Centre

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Shields, Jason
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In contemporary society, advanced forms of technology and new media artworks are becoming more prevalent in the public realm each year. Nevertheless, many Canadians do not have access to the resources that enable them to critically analyze and interact with new forms of technology and new media artwork. This practicum intends to address this by creating a unique environment known as The Travelling New Media Centre. The design concept consists of exhibition and education spaces that address topics related to technology and new media in contemporary culture. The Travelling New Media Centre takes place in VIA Rail baggage cars with modified interior architecture that consists of interactive exhibitions using a contemporary and historical perspective. Site selection is based on communities that have minimal access to technology and little exposure to contemporary new media works. The train travels to the following northern Manitoba communities: Thicket Portage, Pikwitonei, and Ilford.
Interior Design, New Media